China Mobile, Huawei demo «Cloudified VoLTE»

Dylan Bushell-Embling
25 Mar 2015
Daily News

China Mobile and Huawei are collaborating to develop “Cloudified VoLTE” services and mobile network architecture.

Huawei revealed it has successfully demonstrated a virtualized VoLTE solution designed specifically to support the planned service.

The system runs on commercial off-the-shelf hardware servers and cloud operating systems. The demonstration involved NFV-based core network elements, including a virtualized IMS, packet core, and subscriber data management.

The test system was capable of supporting HD voice and video call. The demonstration also included showcasing the automatic instantiation and scalability of the forwarding entity, the switchover of local gateway forwarding plane, and real-time service chain policy control.

Huawei and China Mobile have a long-running technology development partnership. The companies have been working on core network innovations since 2007 and on NFV since 2012.

Huawei launched an NFV open lab in Xi’an in February to help support the development of an open ecosystem for NFV infrastructure, platforms and services.

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