China mobile searches hit 558M in Q1, says report

Staff writer
03 Jun 2011
Daily News

China’s mobile search daily volume has reached 557.96 million in the first quarter of 2011 with a sequential growth rate of 9.85%, according to a new report.

The report from Analysys International said China’s mobile search market develops in a fairly steady manner at present. Compared with the last quarter, the growth rate of mobile search volume remains almost the same, keeping at 9.8% around.

As respect for the total mobile search page views, Chinese mobile search daily PV has exceeded 2.2 billion, with a sequential growth rate being 7.3%. The growth rate has dropped in comparison with last few quarters. As it is suggested above, the growth rate of mobile search daily PV has dropped sharply this quarter, which is the result of a gradual growth of base mobile search PV.

However, the expanding user group will counteract the effects of the trend. In the future, the cost of mobile internet will be further cut down along with a wider range of mobile internet devices and applications. As an entry-level of mobile internet application, the mobile search will enter into a rapid development once again.

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