China Mobile, ZTE develop 5G services

24 Nov 2017
Daily News

China Mobile has teamed up with ZTE to develop six proof of concept 5G services, including 5G unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous submarines.

At the China Mobile Global Partners Conference, the companies also demonstrated a 5G experience car designed to allow users to watch 5G live programs and high-bandwidth VR videos in a high-speed moving scenario.

At the event, ZTE showed two-way interactive live broadcasting between the booth and a 5G experience car in the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (HEMC).

The 5G unmanned aerial video concept involves the transmission of HD images to the cloud and near real-time generation of topographic mapping, while the 5G autonomous submarine simulated a scenario where marine researchers observe sea creatures with the VR technology over a 5G network, conduct scientific investigations and fix leaks in oil pipelines by remotely controlling underwater vehicles.

ZTE also partnered with China Mobile to demonstrate 5G fixed wireless access applications including the accurate and quick capture of HD images from hundred megapixel–level cameras in emergency scenarios.

Finally, the partners showcased VR cloud games based on 5G mobile edge computing architecture, and used the event to reveal more details of their 5G interoperability data testing demonstration with Qualcomm.

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