CMHK signs NB-IoT agreement with Sino Group

10 May 2018
Daily News

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) and property developer Sino Group have signed an agreement to deploy a narrowband IoT network across Sino Group's residential and commercial properties.

The partnership aims to develop pre-5G infrastructure initially focused on the provision of smart home, smart shopping mall and smart property management solutions.

The deployment will support Hong Kong's transformation into a smart city and help accelerate social development, the companies said.

Under the partnership, IoT and big data technologies will be applied to enhance the agreement of Sino Group's commercial tenants, improve the group's property management efficiency and facilitate environmental protection.

“The 5G evolution is crucial to shaping Hong Kong into a smart city, and CMHK is imperative to proactively develop 5G mobile service applications towards advancing the development of Hong Kong's 5G mobile communication network,” CMHK director and CEO Sean Lee said.

“With plans to upgrade our existing base station equipment, we are well poised for the arrival of 5G and the future Internet of Things. We are extremely excited about our partnership with Sino Group to further its property network coverage, and support its future development."

CMHK was awarded the first trial permit for 5G tests among Hong Kong operators by the Office of the Communications Authority in March. The operator plans to commence lab tests with 5G commercial equipment using the assigned 5G trial spectrum later this quarter.

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