On company time

Staff writer
22 Nov 2010

“See that guy in the corner?”

“Yeah, have you ever seen anyone work that diligently? He’s here from noon until 4 am every day and just look at that concentration.

“What’s he working on?”

“Nobody knows. But he sure works hard.”

Evans Data CEO Janel Garvin might know what he’s working on - in its Open Source Software Development Survey, the company found that 67% of open source application developers use work time to complete non-work related open source projects.

“It may be a discouraging thing for employers to hear but developers working on open source projects can become very involved with them and may find it hard to completely leave them alone when they’re on the clock,” said Garvin.

“And few open source developers make much money from their apps - 65% report they make next to nothing for their open source work, and they have to support themselves.”


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