Conax launches next-gen security client for IPTV

Staff writer
Daily News

Conax has launched its Connected Access, a next-generation security client for IPTV supported by highly flexible Conax Contego security hub.

Conax Connected Access is based on a single CAS/DRM client technology, promising to securely and cost-effectively deliver any content, over any network and to any device.

The solution is also based on a hybrid content protection client for connected devices including set-top boxes providing flexibility for all types of services such as Live TV, on-demand, PVR, Electronic Sell Through (EST) and Download-to-Go (DTG).

Part of the new Conax “Access” brand family of security clients, Conax Connected Access is leveraging the strength of a unique cooperation between Kudelski Group sister company Nagra and Conax engineers for this IPTV security core.

Conax has tailored Connected Access to also accommodate existing Conax IPTV regimes. The new Conax security client for IPTV will be available from the first quarter of 2016.

The Conax unified security client promises to both reduce maintenance and increases security by seamlessly governing client security across broadcast, IPTV and OTT services, through a comprehensive end-to-end content protection environment that elegantly plugs into the Conax Contego unified security hub.

Conax Connected Access is ideal for new operators moving into pay TV operation based on IP connectivity, as well as existing broadcast operators going IP through technologies like Docsis 3.x, xPON, FTTx, 3G/4G or FTE.

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