Converge ICT Solutions launches all fiber network

22 Oct 2018
Daily News

Huawei has provided its Agile WAN Solution to the Philippines' Converge ICT Solutions to support the operator's goal of rolling out the Philippines' first pure end-to-end fiber network.

Converge, which started as a HFC-based cable TV operator, has deployed an extensive all fiber network covering Central Luzon, the Philippines' Capital Region and South Luzon.

The company has licenses to operate fixed networks, fiber optics, cable TV, enterprise private lines, fixed broadband, and wireless broadband services.

The company is expanding on its MAN service market in Metro Manila with high speed optical services, and has been seeking a solution to deliver a reliable, high capacity and elastic network.

Huawei recommended its Agile WAN Solution for the deployment. Huawei has mostly built Converge's entire network, from its DWDM backbone and MPLS core through to the MAN and down to the access network.

Converge COO Jesus Romero said the network upgrade will support the company's future plans to expand into services such as FTTH, enterprise data services, data center services, cloud services, and smart city services nationwide.

“Early on we felt we needed a network that was reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and allowed us to easily implement new products and services, and we are very pleased that we were able to, in fact, get that with Huawei,” he said.

“Huawei has been responsive in terms of support. In terms of pricing, they remain competitive, and they help us a lot with strategy planning, what to do next, and where to go - which is one key area where we feel we should continue and expand cooperation."

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