DCI e-Guide: give the cloud some backbone

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14 Oct 2015

When people talk about paradigm shifts in the telecoms space, they’re usually referring to things like access/core networks and device usage. Less talked about, but arguably more important, is the data center. After all, data centers are where “the cloud” exists, and the cloud is where more and more content is going to reside. As a result, the number of data centers is on the rise. According to Ovum and IDC, Asia is emerging as one of the largest and fastest growing market for new data centers, especially in metro areas.

All of these data centers have to be interconnected. Which sounds obvious, but the importance of data center interconnect (DCI) cannot be overstated. DCI is a crucial step in providing the backbone the cloud requires to do what it needs to do. And as our feature story reveals, there’s far more to DCI than hooking up a fiber cable on either end.

Also in this e-guide:

  • Q&A: The end of data center limitations
  • DCI drives optical market surge
  • DCI: Web-scale growth and speed
  • Overcoming the top five data center interconnect challenges

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