The Era of Beyond 100G is coming

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12 Jun 2014

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The telecom industry is bullish on beyond 100G, which is generally considered to be the next generation of high-speed transmission technology. With 100G line-card deployments well under way since 2010, the segment is quickly closing in on a $2bn market. The industry roadmap for beyond 100G line-side is developing quickly. Vendors are presenting highly credible paths forward, and carriers trialing and working with beyond-100G solutions are largely pleased with the results.

100G DWDM system sets the technical foundation of data rate beyond 100G. The data rate beyond 100G will inherit the ideas of 100G to handle channel equalization and distortion compensation with coherent detection and digital signal processing, to improve spectrum efficiency with polarization multiplexing and higher order Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), to obtain more coding gain in logical domain with Soft Decision (SD) Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) coding, or even to relax the bandwidth requirement of photonic and electronic devices with optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM).

Fig.1: 100G will dominate optical transport network

It is projected by Ovum that the optical networks (ON) market will exceed $19bn by 2019, growing 5.1% cumulatively from 2013. Since the ongoing mobile network evolution to LTE and the strong growth in data center interconnect continue to be key catalysts for augmenting optical network core capacity, the current 10G and 40G WDM system cannot meet the ever increasing demand of transmission capacity (Fig.2). 100G has surpassed 40G and is poised to accelerate as metro-optimized solution begin to be deployed.

Different from 10G/40G systems, channel equalization and distortion compensation of 100G system are complemented in transceiver with coherent detection and digital signal processing. There is no need to worry about chromatic dispersion (CD) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) in optical path design. The maximum chromatic dispersion tolerance and maximum polarization mode Differential Group Delay (DGD) tolerance of digital coherent 100G system are more than 50000ps/nm and 105ps respectively, which are large enough for any application provided that the minimum Optical Signal Noise Ratio (OSNR) is satisfied.

As an excellent equipment & network solutions provider, FiberHome has worked on 100G and beyond optical transmission technology for years under the national 973 Project “Basic Research on Ultra-high-speed Ultra-large-capacity and Ultra-long-haul Optical Transmission” and the national 863 Project “100 Gigabit Ethernet Optical Ethernet transmission systems”, and has achieved 1.92Tb/s optical transmission with single optical source and 30.7Tb/s optical transmission in C-band firstly in the world in 2011.

FONST5000 is FiberHome’s honorable 100G OTN platform. FONST5000 is characterized with large electrical switch capacity (up to 6.48Tbit/s), compact size and plenty of service slots (54 slots with 100G backplane bandwidth each). Fiberhome 100G Optical Transport Units (OTU) are famous with their low power consumption and compact size with the second generation ASIC digital processing engine. Now Fiberhome 100G DWDM/OTN product has been widely adopted and commercially deployed both in China and oversea.

Fig.3: FiberHome optimized 400G solutions

Not merely FONST5000, Fiberhome released the second generation 100G/400G Packet enhanced OTN platform FONST6000 in 2013. FONST6000 is a universal platform for WDM, OTN, SDH and IP service. The access and electrical switching capacity of FONST6000 is up to 25.6Tbit/s. The FONST6000 platform has been adopted by China Mobile and China Unicom in 2013 backbone and MAN project.

Fig.2: FONST6000 U60

However, due to the optical nonlinear limit, there should be a tradeoff between transmission distance and spectrum efficiency of data rate beyond 100G. With higher order QAM modulation, such as 16QAM and 64QAM, the transmission capacity and spectrum efficiency can be improved, but the transmission distance would decreased exponentially, which is not feasible to long distance optical transmission. Long distance optical transmission with data rate beyond 100G can be achieved with OFDM super-channel, together with coherent detection and PM-QPSK modulation. FiberHome can provide two optimized 400G solutions for different application scenario. For ultra-long distance application, we provide OTU with PM-QPSK modulation format. The transmission capacity is about 15Tbit/s in C band and the transmission distance is up to 3000km. For large capacity, we provide OTU with PM-16QAM modulation format. The transmission capacity is up to 25Tbit/s in C band and the transmission distance is bout 500km.

FiberHome Technologies and products have been exported to 70 countries and regions around the world. Global service network with 3-level supporting organization of Local – Regional – Headquarter system, providing the expertized technical support and knowledge services for customers. 8 regional headquarters, and 20 local service centers and representative offices settled in the world. FiberHome’s education and training system focuses on high-education strategy, management training, and technical training. Asia-Pacific Telecom Union Training Center (one of ITU organizations) provides the strategy and management training for telecom organizations in developing countries. FiberHome Training Center delivers highly competitive training solution of communication technology, assisting the customers in building up the leading capability of network operation.

By continuously focusing on customers’ requirements, FiberHome has cooperated with operators all over the world in deploying OTN. We hope that FiberHome’s beyond 100G solution and global experiences can effectively accelerate the triple-play operation of Operators, create a win-win situation between customers and us.

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