Ericsson deploys UDN in Equinix ecosystem

Staff writer
20 Sep 2017

Ericsson has selected Equinix to deploy its Unified Delivery Network (UDN) solution in Equinix’s data centers and across its business ecosystem of network service, cloud and content providers and enterprises in all industry sectors.

The two companies will also extend their new relationship to work together on future innovation projects, including possible collaboration on new technologies developed in Ericsson Silicon Valley.

As the leading global interconnection and data center provider by market share, Equinix operates more than 180 data centers across five continents servicing over 9,500 companies.

Ericsson UDN is currently deployed in 14 Equinix locations across Asia, America and Europe today, and the solution will be deployed in eight more locations this year.

UDN is a G-CDN ecosystem that enables and aggregates network capabilities into the public domain, allowing services to be optimized and scaling the delivery of over-the-top services and high-quality video content. It resides at the service providers' Digital Edge, resulting in better performance and user experience.

“The last mile nature of our UDN and the location of Equinix facilities in key metros around the world is a perfect fit,” said Marcus Bergström, general manager of UDN at Ericsson.

“This partnership attracts new potential customers for both companies, by enabling them to deploy services closer to end users at the ‘edge,’ resulting in higher quality content and more consistent QoE,” said Bergström.

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