Ericsson, Intel conduct first end-to-end 5G data call

09 Jul 2018
Daily News

Ericsson and Intel have announced they have completed the first end-to-end 5G data call using the new 3GPP non-standalone 5G new radio standard.

The bidirectional call on the 3.5-GHz band was completed at the Ericsson Lab in Sweden last week.

Ericsson and partners used the vendor's commercially available equipment including a 5G new radio, baseband and packet core, as well as the Intel 5G Mobile Trial Platform.

Ericsson and Intel collaborated to complete the first 3GPP-compliant standalone 5G new radio interoperability tests last month, and this latest demonstration extends on this collaboration.

“The work carried out by Ericsson engineers together with our partners is laying the groundwork for the commercial readiness of 5G,” Ericsson head of product area networks Nishant Barra said.

“We continue to drive the establishment of an ecosystem that will ensure this technology is a commercial success.”

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