Gamification in the APAC market

John Brand/Forrester Research
24 Jul 2013

Forrester's global analysts have written some great pieces on gamification. In general terms, this research is is just as applicable to the Southeast Asian markets. However, there are some specific differences within the region that should also be considered.

The most important thing to remember is that, while the general principles of gamification definitely hold true within the region, there are still some specific differences that should also be taken into account.

First and foremost, we definitely see the same problems in APAC where a lack of clarity on the desired behaviour encourages game play - for games sake. This is probably the worst outcome of all for gamification initiatives, regardless of where they're deployed.

If there's no clear desired behaviour change identified, there's absolutely no valid reason to introduce gamification. The real challenge though is ensuring that the right strategy is selected to achieve the right objectives.

Having said that, here's a few specific things that we do see that are different in the Asia-Pacific region. Some of these are specific to specific countries - like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines or China. However, some are more general issues that apply across the entire region.

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