GlobeNet begins upgrade of Segment 5 sub-sea cable system

Staff writer
20 Jan 2012
Press Announcement

GlobeNet and TE SubCom announced that construction has commenced for the replacement of GlobeNet’s Segment 5 (formerly BUS-1) subsea cable system.

Segment 5 is an integral component of GlobeNet’s dual-ring subsea cable system linking Bermuda, Brazil, the US and Venezuela. This new subsea cable will provide more than 30 times the current capacity between Bermuda and the US and is planned for completion in the first quarter of 2013.

The new segment will be approximately 1,350 km in length and is designed to support 150 wavelengths per fiber-pair at 100 Gbps per wavelength, giving the 2-fiber-pair system a total design capacity of 30 Tbps.

It has the largest cross-sectional capacity per fiber pair of any system built or contracted to date.

Originally installed by TE SubCom in 1997, GlobeNet’s Segment 5 lands in St. David’s, Bermuda and Tuckerton, New Jersey. The replacement project includes the supply of new TE SubCom Submarine Line Terminating Equipment (SLTE), which allows transmission of multiple high-quality, high-bandwidth optical signals over ultra-long distances. To prepare for the upgrade, a marine route survey was completed in November 2011.

GlobeNet’s submarine cable network spans 22,000 km and connects Bermuda, Brazil, the US and Venezuela, with further extensions to Colombia.

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