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FiberHome Technologies
15 Oct 2014

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The home will be more and smarter. Nobody has to continue messing up with five or six remote controllers for TV, set top box, air-conditioners, or missing the highlight of a football game just because one went to the toilet for a second.

A few decades ago, the internet was just a tool that connected stationary computers, and then it went to mobile, pad, set top boxes and all other terminals. These days, the internet goes with us everywhere at anytime.

Considering this, FiberHome has launched its smart home project. The company believes that a smart home should be so in the following ways.

First, in terms of home entertainment. All media sources — from tablet, laptop, and PC — will be shared through smart home gateway, which is the center of home network.

One integrated controller or application on the mobile will manage all the control through the smart home gateway, too, while managing all the display devices and peripherals.

Second, in terms of family storage. On the WAN side, the smart home gateway works as an agent of home cloud to visit remote addresses. On the LAN side, family members can visit the shared storage through a web server which is provided by smart home gateway.

Third, in terms of home security. The monitoring signal and alarm be will uploaded to terminal in encrypted form. If the sensors are triggered, the terminal will get the message.

Fourth, in terms of controlling appliances. The home gateway will automatically search the smart house appliance and book their logic address in the system to manage the centralized control. Users can download the application from the smart home gateway to establish the centralized control for all house appliances.

And fifth, in terms of intelligent promotion. The system will do real-time monitoring on data flow and business type. If the subscriber kept reaching the limitation of current bandwidth, or facing frequent packet loss, the system will send back one stage service to check if the subscriber wants to promote the family network bandwidth.

There are three key factors in providing a smart home service — cloud, smart home gateway and applications. A powerful backstage management platform with open and standard interface is the foundation of smart home solution.

A fully functioned platform should not only manage the system, but also collect and analyze the customer behavior and provider better services. An open platform and standard interface could also invite abundant contents and services into the system and provides them to families.

The smart home gateway is the core of smart home solution as it connects the family inner network and internet. It should include a small family cloud for family sharing and storage. It should also provide Bluetooth 4.0 or Zigbee interfaces to connect all peripherals. In this way the family can establish multiple device storage, centralized control, and multi-screen display.

Lastly, the applications define how smart the home could be. A wide range of applications should serve family members to satisfy all their needs, only in this way smart home can be really smart and helped people in their family lives.

FiberHome has sold over 10 million home gateways, developed generation over generation. In Shanghai Telecom, the company helped build a smart life exhibition hall. FiberHome also signed up with the Telkom Innovation Center in Indonesia on a joint smart home lab project.

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