HK IoT company launches smart mirror

Computerworld Hong Kong Staff
Computerworld Hong Kong

Hong Kong's actiMirror has launched its new connected smart mirror platform designed to drive customer engagement in the retail, hospitality, healthcare and exhibition sectors.

The actiMirrror platform uses custom-designed apps and built-in sensors to display real-time personalized content to individuals in addition to their reflections.

Content is selected to match individual interests based on a combination of anonymous demographic traits and object identification via radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors. It can include interactive product demonstrations, educational tutorials and infotainment videos.

The platform can also be used to help generate data analytics to aid decision making by management by collecting anonymous data from a variety of consumer interactions, including sales conversion rates and in-store behavior.

No pictures or video footage are retained, and no link is made between a user's anonymous demographic profile and their identity, ensuring the product is compliant with the Hong Kong SAR's Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

According to actiMirror CEO and co-founder Victor Ruiz-Sanchez, the platform is designed to help retailers and service providers make a more emotional connection with potential customers to drive higher sales conversions and growth.

“actiMirror is a disruptive and empowering solution that impresses consumers by using smart mirrors to display targeted and personalised content,” he said.

“This approach optimises emotional connections and delivers the high level of consumer engagement, loyalty and sales growth that brands crave. The differentiation factor is so strong that mirrors will never look the same again.”

Swire's Mr & Mrs Fox, Li & Fung and El Willy’s Group restaurants have already adopted actiMirrors as a pre-launch trial.

Ruiz-Sanchez said actiMirror is as easy to use as a smartphone, with new apps able to be uploaded on demand. A range of starting applications are available that can be customized to meet specific business needs.


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