HKBN applies barter system to network services

08 Jun 2016
Daily News

Hong Kong fiber operator HKBN has found a forward-thinking way of extracting value from its network services by looking back to the age-old barter system.

The operator has signed a deal with serviced office provider Compass Offices to provide connectivity to Compass customers through its fiber network, in return for office space at one of the Compass centers for its Enterprise Solutions business.

HKBN co-owner and chief commercial officer for enterprise solutions Billy Yeung said the deal has already generated interest from companies interested in striking other barter deals.

“This successful collaboration with Compass Offices demonstrates HKBN’s flexibility to achieve a mutual-win model for us and our corporate customers,” he said.

“We are proud to have spearheaded such an innovative and customer-oriented approach, which is rarely seen in Hong Kong’s telecommunications industry and is particularly appropriate during tougher economic times.”

He said HKBN is aiming to help grant enterprise customers more flexibility in managing their operating expenses by allowing them to swap their own products or services, in accordance with HKBN's needs, as an alternative to cash payment for network services.

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