HKT aims to help telcos accelerate DX

05 Sep 2018
Daily News

Hong Kong's HKT and Huawei have jointly opened a new Digital Transformation Practice Center (DTPC) in Hong Kong to share insights aimed at helping other operators plan and accelerate their digital transformation strategies.

The new facility will aim to allow HKT to share the experiences HKT gained and the practices it developed during its own digital transformation journey.

HKT and Huawei jointly implemented an end-to-end digital transformation project aimed at helping the operator deliver a so-called ROADS (real-time, on-demand, all-online, DIY, social) experience for customers.

The transformation project covered both service and operational transformation, as well as the cloudification of telecoms infrastructure.

The DTPC will focus on transformational scenarios covering the five stages of digital transformation – envisioning, planning, prototyping, realizing and scaling.

“We are glad to cooperate with Huawei to carry out the digital transformation project. During the process, we have encountered many challenges in terms of user experience, business processes, business support systems and network infrastructure,” HKT head of strategic wireless technology and core networks Dr Henry Wong said.

“Thanks to the joint team, the company has launched new services through the transformed cloud platform and gained a lot of valuable experience in the process. We hope to share our digital transformation experience with the industry around the world through the DTPC.”

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