Indonesia emerging as hotbed for cdma2000 1xEVDO, says CDG

25 Aug 2006

The CDMA Development Group (CDG) announced that Indonesia has emerged as a new hotbed for cdma2000 deployments in the Asia Pacific region.

Due to the number of cdma2000 operators, the variety of new services offered, and the market's response to the large selection of affordable devices and tariff plans, the total number of cdma2000 subscribers in


has surpassed 6 million.

'The CDG is pleased to see cdma2000's growth in


,' said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. 'Cdma2000 connects both urban and rural communities that have limited or no telecommunications and Internet access."

"We expect to see more of this expansion throughout Indonesia and around the globe, as leading operators, consumers, enterprises and public service organizations recognize the performance and value that 3G delivers today,' he added.

There are currently five commercial cdma2000 operators in


, including: Telekomunikasi


(TelkomFlexi), Indosat (StarOne), Bakrie Telecom (Esia), Mobile-8 (Fren), and Sampoerna Telekom



A large selection of cdma2000 services from pre-paid voice communications to advanced data services, such as video messaging, are available for individual, government and corporate customers.

These services are supported by a large variety of devices beyond the standard mobile handset, such as fixed wireless phones, pay phones, PC data cards, and desktop modems.

Users across the many islands of


have access to one of the largest selections of cdma2000 devices in the world.

Cdma2000 operators and their customers widely recognize the technology for its ability to offer the most affordable voice and data packages in the market, as well as for its flexibility to offer a wide range of services across a selection of more than 100 devices, with handset pricing spanning from the high-end (up to $300) to low-end (less than $50).

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