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02 May 2017

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According to the report from VNI (Visual Networking Index), by 2020, the number of global Internet users will reach 4.1 billion. In the future three years, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the global IP traffic will reach 22%, including video traffic up to 79%. By 2021, the number of global mobile users will increase to 5.5 billion, the CAGR of the mobile Internet traffic will reach 47%, including video traffic up to 78%, and the average mobile transmission rate will reach 20.4Mbps.

Along with the growing requirements for the large-scale distribution of IP video, video content types are continuously enriched (including 3D, AR, VR, immersive, and 360-degree panoramic video), user experience and video codec are continuously promoted (including SD, HD, and 4K/8K ultra HD), and more video services have emerged (including IPTV, OTT, mobile video, RCS/WebRTC, social media video LiveTV, VR, AR, video call, video surveillance, video conferencing, video distance education, and video e-medicine). Therefore, video service has become the major carrier of people’s amusement, communication, and industry application, which penetrates the entire informatized society including individuals, families, and industries. It is the firm core for the operator to win the future!

Facing high speed increase of traffic and richer video services, the operator network is doomed to face tough challenges. CDN is the key component of an operator’s infrastructure. It shall have not only powerful basic performance, including smart cache, smart distribution, and smart service using various service protocols, but also a intelligent brain constituted by the big data system and the intelligent neural network to help the operator improve its service experience, provide refined O&M, and ensure all-around security protection.

At 2017 TV Connect, ZTE launched its latest new generation integrated CDN. The new generation integrated CDN is a smart CDN system, which is designed based on BigVideo core drive force and ZTE’s comprehension of video development and the IP network requirements. On the exhibition, ZTE displayed new features of the smart CDN system to its customers, such as low-latency transmission of VR LiveTV, the latest OTT low-latency multicast technology, and smart big data O&M analysis. The new generation integrated CDN features full capabilities, full network, and full operation:

  • Full capabilities - video acceleration, big/small file acceleration, capability leasing, value-added services: One version provides the video service and acceleration services of various big/small files, evolves to the Internet industry at the same time, and promotes value of the network pipe.
  • Full network - extension to home and 3G/4G mobile edge network based on multilevel network deployment: The integrated CDN, based on multilevel network deployment of the operator, gradually integrates existing stovepipe CDN & Cache nodes and extends to the mobile boundary network to deploy edge nodes at the wireless RAN side and inside the family and provide the full network service.
  • Full operation - operation/security, network perception + big data analysis for creating the core value: Both the CDN and network have the user and service perception and big data analysis capabilities, building up the content neural network with smart system optimization, self-learning, and self-operating functions.

The new generation integrated CDN not only inherits and reforms existing functions, but also introduces new functions:

  • Big files are cached by level and fragment. The system performance is maximized with big file caching and high hit rate according to the hard disk type, content popularity, smart correlation, fragment scheduling, and adaptive strategy adjustment. Small files are aggregated to improve storage and distribution efficiency. The single-server performance for OTT service reaches 60Gbps.
  • Video service promotion: The new integrated CDN supports OTT multicast, multi-DRM, and just in time packaging (JITP).
  • Self-learning service load scheduling.
  • TCP transmission optimization: TCP transmission is optimized by adopting the Westwood algorithm to determine the slow start threshold value and congestion window size according to the estimated valid bandwidth upon congestion to mitigate impact of packet loss on bandwidth utilization without intervention from any network middleware.
  • Proactive comprehensive security protection mechanism.
  • QoS promotion based on network monitoring and service perception.
  • Cloudifized CDN: It provides perfect data analysis to support refined operation.

By the end of 2016, ZTE had globally constructed over 100 integrated CDN offices, among which the Jiangsu Telecom office is the largest one in the world. At present, the Jiangsu Telecom office provides the IPTV/OTT video service for over 6 million users and the Internet acceleration service for over 14 million fixed/mobile broadband users at the same time so that it effectively supports the development of broadband and 4G services of Jiangsu Telecom. ZTE is devoted to providing a customized and dedicated integrated CDN for the operator to provide the best video experience for its end users.

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