Juniper Research’s top ten wireless predictions

Staff Writer
04 Jan 2010

1. Mobile data traffic explosion to put strain on 3G networks

Though 3G is less than ten years old, 2010 could be the year when 3G networks begin to fall over under the burden of mobile data, due largely to some 33.8m IPhones that have been sold since launch.

There is a bit of an irony in this: for the last five years operators have been looking for ways to boost data traffic, and while IPhone Apps have boosted revenues as well as traffic for Apple’s selected carriers, they are also bringing the day closer when network’s need to be overhauled.

The silver lining for carriers may be that clogged up networks gives mobile operators a genuine excuse to charge more for premium traffic, something that Vodafone’s CEO seems to have been hinting at in recent weeks. It could even spur them into action on LTE roll outs.

2. Mobile ecosystem starts to go green

A combination of continuing strong global subscriber growth and ever increasing voice and data usage levels means that the mobile industry is under increasing pressure to develop strategies which both embrace environmental sustainability and substantially reduce average CO2 emissions both in the usage phase and across the life-cycle of a handset.

We envisage that 2010 will see a surge in the deployment of high-profile “green” handsets, featuring recycled plastic casings, energy saving modes and preloaded “ecotainment” apps which promote sustainable lifestyles.

More handsets will come equipped with solar-powered chargers; there will be greater promotion of handset recycling schemes. On the network side, there will be an industry-wide movement to address inefficiencies, notably in base station power consumption, and a far greater emphasis in developing markets on migrating off-grid base stations to renewable energy.


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