Look beyond the network to improve QoS

Vincenzo Basile and Daniele Spera/Arthur D. Little
27 Nov 2013

Companies are increasingly focusing their investments and efforts into building their image as CEM-oriented companies, an approach usually expressed through product design and marketing campaigns. Arthur D. Little recommends taking a more integrated approach to CEM by involving the technical and customer care operations departments. By involving the entire organization in the CEM strategy and processes, it is possible to better manage all interactions along the customer journey.

Improving network performance and services does not only require heavy investments into network maintenance and upgrades. Another option is to more effectively leverage internal processes and their management.

The focus of service performance has traditionally been on the measurement of network operations. Today, operations need to be more focused on the business and client perspective - shifting from the measurement of service performance in terms of network reliability to the final result of their effort on customers or the quality of experience (QoE).

The priority is to measure and control the entire end-to-end experience that a customer has when using a service. This approach requires a greater focus on the customer perspective; the performance of a service is not only measured based on a set of underlying systems and network elements working correctly, but also based on customers' perception. New processes have to monitor QoE based on individual customers, instead of broader customer segments.

To provide superior CEM, mobile operators need to control all interaction channels along the customer journey. In our CEM-oriented model, there are two key moments of the customer journey that must undergo change to allow the focus to be on the performance perceived by the customers:

  • Service delivery represents the set of processes, operations and procedures that effectively deliver services to the customers. It is managed by the technical department and involves mainly IT, network and handset processes.
  • Post-selling and claim management encompass the set of processes and operations that manages customers' claims, provides customers with assistance and support, and finally manages all post-selling activities, such as cross-selling and up-selling.

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