Lumata's new offering can help telcos monetize data

Claire McCarthy/Ovum
09 Oct 2015

Telcos keen to monetize their data assets by creating new revenue streams will be interested in Expression Target. Part of Lumata’s Expression product suite, Expression Target unlocks the value of customer data through personalized, secure, and targeted mobile advertising.

Lumata’s Expression platform is an intelligent, near real-time customer lifecycle management system that provides campaign predictions, analytics, and optimization capabilities to telcos and their brand partners.

It has a web-based interface that allows marketing departments to be self-sufficient in the design and deployment of loyalty and retention campaigns. Lumata’s customers include a number of big-name telcos such as Orange and EE as well as brands such as Mercedes, Sky, and Unilever. Its platform has helped telcos deliver offers such as Orange Wednesdays and Meerkat Movies.

Expression Target puts telcos in a central position in mobile advertising. It gives advertisers access to telco customer bases and allows them to reach out to micro segments with appropriate products. This benefits brands, telcos, and customers in the following three ways:

  • Brands looking to acquire new customers can gain access to customers with a high propensity to buy, meaning fast return on campaign investments.
  • Telcos looking for new revenue streams can secure preferential rates with brands and advertisers by offering an addressable market with a high hit rate, at the click of a button.
  • Customers can enjoy a more valuable experience by receiving relevant promotions. This will improve their overall satisfaction with their service provider and therefore improve renewal rates and loyalty – clearly a benefit for telcos.

The process does not compromise personal identity because telco customers need to opt in to the service and all personal identifiable information is kept private. Expression Target is a relatively small investment for telcos, but it does need to be deployed on the Expression platform.

Thankfully, this platform is light and agile and can be integrated into the BSS/OSS or the IN, or deployed in the cloud. It does not require an expensive rip, and Lumata can undertake the integration work.

Lumata has a proven track record of successful marketing campaigns with non-telco brands. It has now drawn on this experience to provide telcos with something they badly need – a way to properly monetize their customer data.

Clare McCarthy is practice leader for telecom operations and IT at Ovum. For more information, visit

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