Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand subsea cable launches

17 Mar 2017
Daily News

A new subsea cable connecting Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand has been launched in Cambodia, adding at least 30Tbps of regional capacity.

The Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand (MCT) cable system was designed and deployed by Huawei Marine for Cambodia's EZECOM, Telekom Malaysia and Symphony Communication of Thailand.

The 1,300km cable system uses 100Gbps technology, and will connect to other submarie cable systems, including the Asia-America Gateway (AAG).

Speaking at the launch of the system, EZECOM CEO Paul Blanche-Horgan said the launch is the culmination of six years of work. He said the launch of the cable will improve the security of Cambodia's connection to the internet.

“With this cable, we are now directly connected POP to POP, which means a much more secure connection for Cambodia. This is of great importance, as [Cambodian deputy prime minister and minister of interior] Samdech Krolahom does understand, for the context of national security as well as certain key sectors like banking.”

Samdech Krolahom himself said that with the new cable, “Cambodia now has faster, more reliable, more affordable and, most importantly, a more secure internet connection for all.”

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