Master the 4G Diameter core network

12 Jun 2012

Fueled by the rising demand for mobile data, the staggering growth and complexity of today's 4G core network environments call for greater harmonization of Diameter signaling traffic within and across those networks.

The Diameter signaling controller has emerged as a centralized signaling framework that can improve core network performance and scalability, and plays an important role in realizing emerging 4G business opportunities, including LTE roaming.

This Alepo whitepaper discusses the surmounting challenges of Diameter signaling protocol within 4G core network environments, and how the Diameter signaling controller addresses these challenges with efficiency.

Download this whitepaper to learn how service providers can leverage a Diameter signaling controller to:

  • Improve signaling performance and network reliability
  • Alleviate signaling congestion, overload and latency
  • Enable robust, flexible message routing, validation and rewriting
  • Facilitate greater interoperability in Best of Breeds networks
  • Mitigate security risks related to 4G roaming & interconnect
  • Reduce the complexity and costs of managing & scaling the 4G core network

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