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Rob Powell/Telecom Ramblings
26 Oct 2011

Yesterday Akamai offered up its State of the Internet ‘state-of-the-internet-report/ report for Q2, and seeing as there’s not much going on today unless you enjoy the ‘pile on Netflix’ mediapalooza, let’s take a look at a few tidbits:

Of the top 10, Brazil and Japan added IPv4 addresses at 9.0% and 8.7% in the past year, while the US and Germany added a mere 0.6% and 0.4%.

The global total went up 3.4%. Just what is going on there I’m not sure. IP addresses don’t really match up with overall penetration, as most consumers get them dynamically. Brazil’s penetration is certainly growing rapidly, but where did Japan’s additional IP address go to? I’m not sure what this stat really signifies.

If you want raw bandwidth speed, you’ll have to move far from the US, whose average of 22.1Mbps was 16th. Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan we all know were fast – lots of fiber. But Romania and Latvia in the top 5? Constanta, Romania has average peak connection speeds of 45.2Mbps. Or you could just move to San Jose – it’s good to be Silicon Valley.

The capital of attack traffic is apparently Taiwan? Last quarter it was Myanmar? Now that’s a study in opposites… One wonders just what characteristic it is that has so much attack traffic migrate from one to the other.

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