NEC unveils LoRaWAN compliant network server

Telecom Asia staff writer
23 Nov 2017

NEC has launched a new network server that complies with LoRaWAN and LPWA technologies to help telecoms carriers accelerate the creation of new IoT services.

The new server carries out ID control, data rate control and channel allocation for sensor devices complying with LoRaWAN through the LoRaWAN gateway. It also mediates data processing from each sensor device to the application server.

As the LoRa network server features a function for conducting flexible multi-tenant and multi-device control assuming a variety of service provision formats of communication carriers, it is capable of providing LoRaWAN network services to numerous companies and service providers.

In addition, its WebAPI capability makes it interoperable with a wide range of service applications using LoRa. This facilitates the utilization of data collected from sensor devices.

"This new server enables new IoT services to be flexibly provided to telecommunications carriers in combination with gateways and end-devices," said Shigeru Okuya, senior vice president of NEC.

"NEC aims to provide LoRaWAN compliant solutions to companies around the world in the coming years as part of accelerating the creation of new IoT services and improving user convenience."

The new servers will start shipping to communications carriers in December, NEC said in a statement.

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