New IT style demands 'upgrades in days or weeks'

Joseph Waring
Daily News

A new style of business driven by IT is forcing companies to be more agile and accelerate the development and delivery of new services, said HP CEO Meg Whitman.

IT stands at a major inflection point, which is being driving by trends such as cloud, security, mobility and big data. “This shift also changes the way technology is bought and consumed. This shift demands what I call a new style of IT, which is really a new style of business that is powered by IT,” Whitman said.

“This kind of shift happens once every 10 or 15 year – like the shift from mainframes to the client server environment. When these types of shifts happen, everything changes and IT becomes even more important. This new style of IT promises major opportunities, such as lower costs, greater agility, simplicity and speed.”

But on the downside, she said, it also means IT is being challenged in ways it hasn’t experienced before because companies are facing new pressures. For example, a company no longer can take nine months to two years to develop version 1.0 of an application and then take another nine months to release version 2.0.

“This happens now is days or weeks or at the most a few months.”

The former e-Bay CEO also gave an update on the HP’s five-year turnaround journey and talked product for much of her keynote at the Canalys Channel Forum in Bangkok. One gushing example was her description of its line of servers: “Our Gen8 server is the most self-sufficient on the planet or our new Moonshot server is truly revolutionary innovation.”

She emphasized that 2012 and 2013 were about fixing and rebuilding. “Our cost structure was out of line with our revenue trajectory, our balance sheet had a significant amount of debt on it, overall we lacked a clear strategy. And our innovation pipeline was there, but it wasn’t being commercialized fast enough.”

Over the past 12 months, she said the company has begun to change all that. “And while I’d love for that journey to be at its end, I’m very comfortable with the progress that we’re making.”

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