NTT Com enters partnership with McLaren-Honda

Enterprise Innovation editors
01 Aug 2016
Daily News

NTT Communications has entered into a three-year technology partnership to provide network, cloud, data connectivity and other services for McLaren-Honda.

The partnership is meant to help McLaren meet its need for an IT communications platform that delivers optimum performance to support its Formula 1 race team.

NTT Communications will offer WAN and NFV services to McLaren across multiple countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, United States, Singapore and Japan.

During race weekends, the network will support the transmission of data in real-time from McLaren's race cars to the company's technology and engineering teams based in the UK.

NTT Communications will also offer its enhanced Enterprise Cloud 2.0 services to provide a platform from which McLaren can consume dedicated and shared computing and storage resources on a pay-as-you-go model.

NTT Communications and McLaren will also work together to explore other advanced technologies capable of enhancing the performance of the team.

“Given McLaren's long association with innovation, it is only fitting that we should join forces with such an established and well-respected leader in enterprise communications technology who well understands our own drive for relentless technical development,” said Ron Dennis, chairman and CEO of McLaren Technology Group.

"NTT Communications has a resilient and high-capacity network that will allow the team to access its systems without delays,” said Dennis.

Tetsuya Shoji, president and CEO of NTT Communications, said the partnership will help McLaren-Honda transform how it manages the data generated during Formula 1 races and transcend hitherto established boundaries in motorsports racing.

“This service, together with the NTT Communications consulting practice and cloud management platform, will offer McLaren a strong opportunity to deliver on its technology transformation strategy,” said Shoji.

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