NTT Com to launch MVNE platform in HK

03 Aug 2016
Daily News

NTT Com and fellow NTT Group member Dimension Data have teamed up to launch Hong Kong's first mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) platform.

The service will allow MVNOs access to the infrastructure required to deliver 3G and 4G data services in the city. The platform will manage all mobile data connections, policy control, billing and signaling.

NTT Com's platform will use NFV architecture to ensure it will be scalable to future demand, and will be able to provide a quick turnaround by removing the requirement for functions to run on expensive proprietary hardware. The NFV approach was proposed by Dimension Data.

NTT Com Asia CTO Taylor Man said Dimension Data is an ideal partner for the project.

“Delivering a MNVE solution requires heavy upfront investment in specialized equipment, and high scalability and agility is required to cater to customer demand time,” he said.

“It is crucial to find a partner that could work hand in hand with us to provide the required infrastructure to deliver on our MVNE ambitions. We believe that partnering with our group company Dimension Data would be an ideal option.”

ICT product and service provider Dimension Data became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NTT Group in 2010.

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