NTT Com's Japan-US capacity passes 1Tbps

25 Sep 2015
Daily News

Japan’s NTT Com has upgraded the Japan-US capacity on its tier-1 IP network to over 1Tbps, to help meet an anticipated doubling in demand for capacity between the two countries over the next two years.

Capacity over the Japan-US leg of the network climbed from 750Gbps in 2014 to 1.07Tbps as of this month, the company announced.

The rapid increase in smartphone penetration and increased usage of music and video streaming, including 4K video, is driving strong growth in network demand, prompting the company to upgrade its capacity in response.

Besides the Japan-US link, NTT Com’s Asia-Oceania channel now has a total capacity of over 1.5Tbps, the company said.

In a bid to deal with the increased traffic, NTT Com has been adopting technology such as 100GbE, which has been implemented in the Japan, the US and Europe. NTT Com is also making use of 100Gbps digital coherent transmission technology over its PC-1 subsea cable.

NTT Com’s tier-1 IP network is available in Japan and major countries in Asia, Oceania, North America, Latin America and Europe. The company’s Arcstar Universal One VPN network meanwhile covers 196 markets worldwide.

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