NTT delves deeper into Europe

Rob Powell/Telecom Ramblings
21 Nov 2011

NTT Europe, a subsidiary of the Japanese telecommunications giant, said last week that it is expanding its IP network into eastern Europe.

They have expanded into Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, adding new PoPs in the usual spots: Budapest, Bucharest, and Sofia.

The expansion will let NTT better serve carriers in the region, and give them better access to what is a growing slice of the bandwidth market.

Eastern European traffic growth has outpaced most other regions for a while now, and the region is becoming un-ignorable for Tier 1 networks. Sofia hardly seems like the end of that chain, I’ll bet NTT shows up in Istanbul before long as well just as several other large carriers have over the past few years. As you can see on the PoP map, they’re already in Warsaw. Actually, I don’t think NTT puts every PoP on that map, surely they’re in Berlin and Munich too? Ah well.

NTT has been active on its own turf lately, trialing 100G gear on its PC-1 transpacific cable and committing to its deployment when the gear is fully ready. In Europe though, their network is built off of leased wavelengths I believe, so if they want 100G pipes there they’ll have to wait for other carriers to start selling them.

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