QoE becoming primary loyalty driver for cellcos

Enterprise Innovation editors
17 Jul 2015
Daily News

Providing personalized services is now a significant revenue opportunity for mobile operators as quality of experience (QoE), particularly for data, is fast becoming a primary loyalty driver for customers.

According to research by Hot Telecom, Asia Pacific is the second most-advanced region after North America when it comes to 4G.

Commissioned by Amdocs, the study covered more than 4,000 consumers and shows that those in APAC spend more time using their mobile devices for entertainment purposes —thus, their hunger for data speed and coverage.

Among respondents, 59% chose to keep their data service and drop voice.

QoE is essential to drive loyalty, as 65% named data coverage and data speed as the primary loyalty drivers by mobile users.

Consumers are interested in personalized services – 83% in APAC would like tailored offers that reflect usage patterns; 88% would like the ability to self-manage their plans; and 91% would like to be notified in real time if the service provider is working on a issue related to their use.

New revenue opportunities emerge as 56% of mobile users would be willing to pay more to have access to better data coverage and 56% to enjoy faster downloads. In addition, 38% would pay for data speed boosters; and 22% would pay more to receive tailored service and plan offerings.

Consumers are also willing to pay more for access to real time usage and spend information (21%) and online customer service (16%).

Mobile users actively seek Wi-Fi to enhance voice and data as 84% of mobile users actively look for a Wi-Fi network whenever possible, and 48% of those do so to get better quality.

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