Rearview messaging

15 Aug 2008

Hands-free car kits have been using wireless technology for a while now to create in-vehicle speakerphone systems that eliminate the need to use headsets (or at least headsets with cables). A new twist from Blue Sky Tech integrates the car's rearview mirror into the system with a feature that allows the driver to record and play back messages.

The BlueSky 1001A snaps onto the existing rearview mirror. Then pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile, and use it like any other Bluetooth speakerphone. The device displays caller ID and includes buttons for answering a call, call waiting, last-call redial, and record/playback.

The latter feature has the appeal of allowing drivers to record information like names, addresses and phone numbers that he or she would otherwise have to write down - not always an option behind the wheel.

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