Red Hat unveils cloud strategy

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12 Feb 2014
Product and services

Red Hat has unveiled its hybrid cloud strategy and is collaborating with Cisco on the venture.

The company said next-generation enterprise cloud architectures should incorporate a diversity of technologies without any lock-in and with full interoperability and portability

Bryan Che, senior director, cloud product strategy, Red Hat, said “At Red Hat, we share the same belief as Cisco that the world is evolving towards a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud model. Just as enterprises have always sourced services and capabilities from a variety of vendors and providers, they will need to continue to do so as they move towards the cloud.”

And furthermore, these cloud architectures must not only support a diversity of technologies but do so in a way that drives fundamental developer and application value that businesses can realize, the executive added.

The company said an open hybrid cloud is the best approach to addressing heterogeneous environments.

One example of how Red Hat and Cisco are collaborating together to deliver an open hybrid cloud is in the area of PaaS, the firm said.

“Because OpenShift builds on standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat JBoss Middleware, it provides an open developer platform with full support for a wealth of languages and frameworks, from Python to Ruby to PHP to full Java EE. And, since these are the same open source, enterprise platforms developers already love and use, developers are not locked into OpenShift with their applications,” Che said.

Red Hat also created a Cisco Validated Design (CVD) that incorporates OpenShift into Cisco's latest Intelligent Automation for Cloud and Virtualized Multiservice Data Center (VMDC) releases.


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