S. Korea's carriers to build joint Wi-Fi spots

Melissa Chua
Daily News

South Korea’s three operators have agreed to collaborate to build carrier-agnostic Wi-Fi networks in various areas in the country.

According to the Korea Herald, SK Telecom, Korea Telecom and LG U+ will jointly deploy networks at areas where customers have frequently complained of poor connections, such as train stations and airports.

The collaboration is expected to help the three carriers cut costs by eliminating the need for each to set up a network in the same area. Having Wi-Fi networks will also help the carriers offload subscribers’ HSPA and 3G data demands.

Subscribers from all three carriers will be able to log on to the Wi-Fi networks regardless of the carrier that built it.

Details for the joint deployment, however, have yet to be sorted out, according to the three firms.

Korea Telecom currently operates 57,000 Wi-Fi networks nationwide; SK Telecom has 38,000 and LG U+ has 10,000.

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