SKT enters MEC partnership with MobiledgeX

14 Dec 2018
Daily News

SK Telecom has signed an agreement with MobiledgeX to collaborate on the development of mobile edge computing technologies and business models.

MobiledgeX is an independent company founded by Germany's Deutsche Telekom and headquartered in California.

The two companies plan to collaborate on the application of mobile edge computing (MEC) in 5G networks, as well as related 5G-era services such as autonomous vehicles, drones and robots.

Under the agreement, the companies plan to integrate their respective MEC platforms to help establish a de facto standard for interworking between different MEC technologies. This will provide a common platform for 5G service developers to expand the MEC ecosystem.

“In the 5G era, Mobile Edge Computing will be a key technology for next-generation industries including realistic media and autonomous driving,” SK Telecom SVP and head of network technology R&D Park Jong-kwan said.

“Based on this partnership, SK Telecom will continue to drive technology innovations to provide customers with differentiated 5G services.”

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