Smart community solutions for public safety and security

13 Jun 2014

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In the smart public security community scene, the safety management of development area, enterprise zone, community and other public areas need to be considered. The safety management includes facilities security, personnel flow and safety, service management and others. Usually, the safety of the community can be ensured by security subsystems. However, the present community security subsystems are scattered and independent, they cannot meet the requirements of the security management and are lack of intelligent identification and guarantee ability.

The FiberHome Digital smart public security community solution can be used to ensure the unified and intelligent management of security system. It uses the intelligent surveillance and security management platform, and integrates video surveillance, optical fiber perimeter prevention, anti-theft alarm, One Card, intelligent parking management, RFID patrolling and other systems to realize unified management of people, vehicle and other things in the community. It can also realize the organic integration of the whole security system to improve the security level.

System components

The smart public security community solution uses premise distribution system to integrate video surveillance, optical fiber perimeter prevention, anti-theft alarm, smart One Card, intelligent parking management and RFID patrolling system. The structure, system, service, and management are integrated to make the community safe, convenient, efficient and intelligent.

  • Video surveillance

Video surveillance system can access to the other systems in order to realize unified management in the community. Video surveillance management platform uses 3D visualization technology to do building modeling and to realize real-time monitoring of the community and fast position of the monitoring resource. The automation, visualization and intelligent level of the video surveillance system can be improved.

  • Anti-theft alarm

Anti-theft alarm system is the important guarantee of preventing robbery, theft and other accidents. The detectors are installed in the important places in the community. Once there are emergency accidents, the acousto-optic alarm and electronic map can immediately show security staffs the accident site. Then the security staffs can quickly take emergency measures.

  • Smart One Card

Smart One Card system is based on advanced smart card technology. It can realize the ID identification, access control, attendance, consumption, file management, parking and security management in the community. The manager can real time monitor and manage the mutual information of smart card in the community by the One Card system.

  • Parking management

The parking intelligent management system uses the One Card which integrates the user personal information as the passport to enter the parking lot. It uses video surveillance and RFID technology to realize parking real-time information display, security of parking lot, intelligent parking guidance, reverse searching and other functions to improve the intelligent service and operation and maintenance management level.

  • Perimeter prevention

Perimeter prevention system can sent the real-time data that collected by the fence and other detectors to security monitoring platform system. The real-time information is data analyzed and processed, and then can be displayed in the form of pictures, graphic, sound and light alarm. It can link video surveillance system to prompt alarm video, realize the intelligent integration of perimeter prevention system and video surveillance system.

  • RFID patrolling system

RFID patrolling system is used to ensure scientific and standardized management of the security personnel patrol. The security personnel patrol can be real time monitored in the community by building the electronic patrolling system which covers the main areas of the community and linking the video surveillance system.

System Features

  • Integration management

The smart public security community solution integrates every security application subsystem to provide the community security integrated solution. It can realize the information interconnection of video surveillance, access control alarm, RFID patrolling, environmental perception, optical fiber perimeter prevention and other subsystems to achieve the effect of overall response to the events, automatic intelligent prevention alarm and evidences collection. It can improve the security intelligence level.

  • Visual management

The 3D technology and GIS map can be used to do spatial modeling. The spatial analysis function and virtual reality expression ability can multi-level, comprehensively, visualized display image information, alarm information, spatial information. It can realize the comprehensive supervision of the community.

  • Intelligent management

The intelligent analysis and automatic control technology can be used to realize intelligent prevention and intelligent integrated management of the community. Using automatic operation and maintenance technology, the system can manage a large number of cameras and numerous network devices in the community to reduce the working strength of the maintenance personnel and improve the system running efficiency.

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