Tejas Networks

Tejas Networks
29 Oct 2010
Technology Description Value to the Carrier
DBPR Ring Protection Novel method to carry best-effort data as extra traffic in existing TDM protect channels Unlock and double available work bandwidth in existing SDH microwave rings
EoPDH Aggregation with DS0 Grooming High-capacity statistical aggregation of EoPDH and EoS traffic with DS0 level re-packing of E1s carrying voice traffic Maximize reuse of PDH microwave while avoiding book-ended solutions; no stacking of EoPDH/EoS cards required
ERPS Ring Protection on SDH Sub-50ms protection switching in Carrier Ethernet packet rings without reserving bandwidth Double available ring capacity for carrying high-priority 3G traffic using both sides of SDH rings
Technology Description Value to the Carrier
3-level Hierarchical QoS with L3/L4 classification Discriminate data traffic at three levels – port, tunnel and service marker; granular rate shaping based on deeper inspection Support more monetizable flows for the same aggregate traffic and better segmentation of customers for higher profits
PBB with Carrier Ethernet OAM and ERPS Carrier-grade version of “plug-and-play” Ethernet with network and service scalability Launch multicast services like Mobile TV. Offer SLA based services to Enterprises
Open Ring ERPS Sub-50ms protection switching in “partial” rings or chains while subtending on L2 or IP networks Limit bandwidth upgrade costs in Aggregation and Core by realizing “open”packet rings
Technology Description Value to the Carrier
Circuit Emulation (SAToP/MEF 8, CESoPSN) Transparent or “Structure-aware” carriage of TDM circuits on Packets Lower network complexity and operational costs by dismantling legacy TDM infrastructure
Packet Synchronization (SyncE, 1588v2) High-quality transport of a synchronization clock signal over a physical or packet layer Assure excellent QoE to voice users and reduce churn. Time-of-Day delivery for SLA monitoring
Connection-oriented L2, OAM and 1+1 Line Protection (PBB-TE, MPLS-TP, ITU G.8031) Capability to create deterministic, protected tunnels on a Carrier Ethernet network with point-and-click provisioning from a central NMS Offer advanced real-time and CBR services in LTE with stringent latency/jitter/packet loss thresholds and sub-50ms linear protection switching

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