Telefonica, Huawei join forces on 'open' cloud

Staff writer
05 Oct 2016
Daily News

Telefonica and Huawei have launched their Open Cloud and Cloud Server services in Chile, Brazil, and Mexico.

The companies said the launch was carried out in the context of the comprehensive partnership agreement established between the two companies to drive the migration of customers’ traditional IT services to the cloud.

Huawei provides hardware and software including servers, storage, networking and Cloud operating systems as well as expert technical support for the Open Cloud and Cloud Server services.

Open Cloud is a public cloud service based on OpenStack technology and hosted in Telefonica's data centers in Chile, Brazil and Mexico. The service represents Telefonica's commitment to an open and secure cloud and provides a broad range of services ranging from computing, storage, networks and databases to more advanced application development, security and analysis services.

One of the main advantages of Open Cloud is the ability to connect to customers’ private networks, as well as the connectivity to additional Telefonica data center services. All of this enables customers to have hybrid cloud environments in a fast and easy manner in accordance with countries’ local laws and regulations.

Similarly, Telefonica's Cloud Server service, which is already commercially available in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, runs on Huawei's cloud operating system FusionSphere.

José Luis Gamo, B2B products and solutions director at Telefonica Business Solutions, said, “the launch in record time of the Open Cloud and Cloud Server services in Chile, Mexico and Brazil is a huge joint milestone for Telefonica and Huawei.”

“With this release, which represents Telefonica's commitment to an open and secure cloud, we are moving towards our goal of providing the best products for Cloud services, while driving our customers’ digital transformation," Gamo said.

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