Telstra unveils SaaS portfolio for enterprises

Staff writer
17 Nov 2015
Daily News

Australian incumbent carrier Telstra has launched a new international application portfolio of software as a service (SaaS) solutions, giving business customers digital tools to help manage their international operations.

Telstra said the portfolio is designed to help businesses drive digital deep into their organizations quickly and efficiently, and to respond to mobile and connected workforce and customers.

The first release of apps ranges from electronic content management and digitizing transaction processes to mobile identity and authentication. Initial offerings in the new international portfolio include:

Kony – an open mobility platform that enables you to rapidly deliver great mobile apps. Define, design, build, integrate, deploy, and manage great app experiences.

DocuSign – a leading eSignature and Digital Management solution that enables easy, efficient and secure signing of electronic documents on any compatible device.

TeleSign – a leading mobile identity solution for account security, providing user verification, authentication and fraud detection.

Whispir – a cloud conversation and messaging platform that tailored and efficient communication with stakeholders across multiple channels including mobile, email, voice and online.

The international applications portfolio, which will be made available for Telstra customers in selected geographic locations, leverages Telstra's core network and cloud hosting capabilities.

Jim Clarke, Telstra’s head of international products and pricing, said organizations must spend time listening to their employees and customers in order to create a business environment truly suited to the way they work.

“Apps are central to many forms of customer and employee interaction today. Recently, at Telstra we hit a tipping point with more than 50% of all our consumer customer service transactions now being completed digitally including through our customer service app, with online customer interactions for Telstra doubling in four years. We recognize that without adopting and innovating with the solutions we design, we cannot expect to inspire those who we want to work with,” said Clarke.

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