Tracking pedestrians revisited

15 Sep 2008

Last issue, Wireless Asia reported on efforts by researchers to build an in-vehicle pedestrian detection system using GPS. Last month at a Tokyo wireless trade show, Oki Electric Industry demonstrated its own version of a pedestrian warning system that warns both drivers and pedestrians when they're too close.

The device prototype uses DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications), a subset of RFID technology designed specifically for automotive apps that operates in the 5.8-5.9GHz band and is typically used for things like wireless electronic toll collection. The warning system sends alerts to both the pedestrian and the driver when the DSRC device is in range of the vehicle.

Oki demoed the concept using a Paragon Wireless mobile phone and an Oki DSRC automotive comms LSI, burning around 10mW of power according to Oki says that future versions will utilize GPS to allow the devices to exchange location details.

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