Verizon Enterprise picks Ericsson for NFV support

Staff writer
22 Feb 2017
Daily News

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has selected Ericsson to provide enabling technologies for the US telco’s virtualized global Managed Network Services offerings.

According to a press release, Ericsson will provide Verizon with “end-to-end dynamic orchestration, closed-loop service assurance, and virtual network function (VNF) onboarding and testing.”

The solution is based on Ericsson's orchestration offering in conjunction with consulting and systems integration services. Ericsson’s Cloud Manager – including model-driven configuration management – and Order Care services will serve as the orchestration engine in the system, while the VNF Factory will allow for efficient onboarding and validation of VNFs into Verizon's ecosystem.

The technologies will allow Verizon’s customers to utilize self-service ordering and configuration, end-to-end automation, and flexible payment models to boost efficiency in service delivery, the Swedish company said in the statement.

The solution will be offered as part of Verizon’s Managed SD-WAN offerings and will help Verizon manage and orchestrate hybrid client networks.

Additionally, Verizon will also use other Ericsson solutions and services to encourage a partner ecosystem for enterprise-oriented VNFs. Those will allow third parties to provide VNFs that can be tested and on-boarded to Verizon's VNF catalog for bundling by Verizon and selection by its enterprise customers.

"This project grew out of Verizon's long-standing relationship with Ericsson and builds on the successful launch of our mobile offering that leverages Ericsson's cloud orchestration solutions to provide VPN capabilities for mobile devices,” Shawn Hakl, vice president of networking and security solutions at Verizon said.

“We are jointly developing on Ericsson's innovative and comprehensive platform to enable a wide range of secure virtual networking services to our enterprise customers."

Ericsson said its work with Verizon will be on display in its booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

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