Verizon teams with Airtel to expand CDN to India

Rob Powell
Daily News

Along with its M&A in the worlds of content and IoT, Verizon has made another interesting move this summer in a place far from its home turf. Verizon Digital Media Services has partnered up with Bharti Airtel to expand its content delivery infrastructure into India.

The arrangement has already sees four of the Verizon CDN division's PoPs spring up in the key cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and New Delhi leveraging Airtel's infastructure.

Partnering your way into India is generally the way to go, as the regulatory environment in the country can be problematic to outsiders.

Thus, Verizon's CDN will be able to much more easily hand off content close to the many eyeballs in the second most populous nation on earth. They've already noted the improvement in network performance to the region via tools from Cedexis.

Verizon Digital Media Services, of course, incorporates what we used to know as the independent CDN platform EdgeCast which Verizon purchased more than two years ago.

With their recent plans to acquire Yahoo and other ambitions in the IoT space, their CDN capabilities are likely to be playing a bigger and bigger role internally.

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