Vietnam Telecoms Growth Conference

14 Sep 2010

2nd Annual Vietnam Telecom Growth Conference will provide excellent insights on key issues and challenges in the Vietnam mobile and broadband market. The conference will bring together government ministries and regulatory bodies along with senior industry representatives to discuss the following key themes.

  1. Policy & Regulatory Initiatives for Next Generation Telecoms in Vietnam
  2. Exploring the potential for mobile commerce and m-payments in Vietnam
  3. Mobile Broadband: Is it real or hype?
  4. Case Study on Nepal: Telecom Growth - Challenges and Prospects
  5. Building effective strategy and alignment to generate returns in a highly regulated and mature market in New Zealand
  6. New Revenue Streams from 5C
  7. Optimizing OSS and BSS platforms, systems, and processes for business growth in Vietnam’s emerging broadband ecosystem
  8. Pricing models to mitigate the effect of low margin subscribers


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