ZTE, China Telecom launch 5G industrial service platform

26 Apr 2019
Daily News

ZTE, China Telecom and industrial equipment company Zhejiang Supcon have jointly developed a 5G-enabled industrial service platform designed to allow specialists to remotely assist on-site maintenance personnel.

The Plantmate service platform allows on-site maintenance personnel to use augmented reality glasses equipped with high definition cameras to send real-time high definition images back to specialists over 5G.

These specialists can then diagnose and troubleshoot problems remotely, communicating with on-site personnel over voice and video as well as a shared digital whiteboard.

Users will also be able to access the maintenance specialist team at Zhejiang Supcon's Hangzhou headquarters to obtain remote consultation and technical guidance for the company's equipment and instruments.

The three companies have announced plans to deepen their 5G cooperation in the industrial feed in the future to help jointly promote the implementation of a 5G industrial internet.

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