ZTE passes tests for China Mobile SDN project

11 Dec 2017
Daily News

ZTE has announced that it has passed the acceptance test for China Mobile's Hohhot SDN project after completing more than 500 highly complex test items.

ZTE last year secured a contract to build China Mobile's Hohhot private cloud SDN project to help the operator complete large-scale deployment of SDN controllers, data center switches and other virtualized technologies.

The Hohhot DC SDN system will become the largest SDN that simultaneously supports virtual hosts and bare metal servers across China and worldwide.

ZTE said its SDN virtual data center solution supports OpenvSwitch and has successfully connected with China Mobile's large cloud ecosystem and third-party OpenStack cloud platforms such as Redhat.

Success with the test will help China Mobile meet its goal of realizing large-scale data center cloudification, integrating its internet and transport networks with the SDN network and implementing cloud network synergy, the vendor added.

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