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Olexander Usyk vs. Antony Joshua: Fight Analysis

Alisa Barladyan
24 Sep 2021
Olexander Usyk vs. Antony Joshua: Fight Analysis

Olexander Usyk's dream has come true – on September 25 he will fight an elite heavyweight champion, and it will be the bout of life for him. The British champion had to agree, and he is risking a lot. WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and IBO belts are on the line.

Olexander Usyk or Antony Joshua: who will be the winner?

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Olexander Usyk is quite literally a top boxer, one of the best in the world, but he is for some reason not taken seriously in heavyweight. Yes, he has lots of awards and titles, but here he needs to prove everything anew. And, by the way, while proving this is not turning out as good as we would like - he has won only two fights so far, among boxers with a so-so level, and at the same time in a boring manner and with noticeable problems.

And the fact that Joshua was forced to agree fighting him is a great success. He has to prove he’s worthy of his belts, so it’s okay to fight Usyk since he doesn’t look dangerous anyway. At least that’s the way the British team get used to think.

I could box with Fury until the end of the year, but I first need to get past Usyk. With or without Usyk in my life, I will beat Fury. Usyk is not the most important thing. It actually doesn’t matter who I will fight next. The fight with Fury must take place. This is a big fight, it is more than boxing, more than belts. This will happen after the bout with Usyk, after I will defend my belts.

Anthony Joshua

The fight between Usyk and Joshua is interesting primarily to fans, and in fact, to fans from the post-Soviet space. Experts do not see serious opposition in the face of the Ukrainian boxer.

Joshua thinks beating Usyk is a good option. He doesn't look incredible at heavyweight, but he'll likely get better as he gets used to the weight and division. This is a really difficult and dangerous fight. I think Joshua will be merciless in this bout, he likes to learn and beat good boxers. Anthony won't scoff at Usyk's boxing, he's going to mount the ring and beat the opponent.

Eddie Hearn

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It will be very difficult for the Ukrainian, that’s the truth. He lacks the height for this division and his style lacks power. His style works with guys like Krzysztof Głowacki, Tony Bellew and even Murat Gassiev, but it didn't really help in the fight against "little" Derek Chisora, so it’s no use speaking about giants like Joshua.

For Usyk, this fight is a suicide. Who did he beat in the heavyweight division? Witherspoon, Chisora. He looked terrible in these battles. He doesn't have a hard blow. Okay, he moves well, but not for a heavy weight. It doesn't work the same here as it did in the first heavyweight division.

Dillian White

If we continue and further ask the opinions of experts, we will hear the same thing. Some of them are more diplomatic, for example, Vasily Lomachenko:

Of course, I believe that Usyk can win. He has a very good chance, but it will not be easy because Joshua also knows what he is to do in the ring. Joshua also knows boxing and has an amateur background. It will be an interesting bout, very interesting. Olexander is much faster. It will be a confrontation of styles.

Vasily Lomachenko

And someone says very unpleasant things for Olexander Usik, for example, Sergey Gorodnichev.

Of course, I bet on Joshua, because at the moment Usyk has no experience of boxing with such big guys. Chisora is a good one, but he is an older boxer and went out just to make money. If Joshua beat Usyk, then something can happen to Olexander somewhere in the sixth round, and he couldn’t cut it.

Sergey Gorodnichev, former member of Vladimir Klitschko’s coaching staff

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Let's summarize the disappointing results for the Ukrainian. In his home division, Alexander showed an outstanding school, great footwork, speed, cardio, pressure, but he was still bullied for not having a killer punch. This is a determining factor in heavyweights. Usyk is too small for the heavyweight, for that matter.

We can’t but add local refereeing, as well as the fact that Eddie Hearn is betting on Anthony Joshua, and the situation will seem even more sad.

But Olexander seems to earn more for this bout than he did in his entire previous career, and if he tries very hard, then with a certain amount of luck he will be able to meet the final gong on his feet.

Comparison of boxers

According to all statistical parameters, Anthony Joshua looks better, but we all remember Andy Ruiz, and we should be ready for any kind of surprise. 

ParameterA. JoshuaO. Usyk
Record high24-1-018-0-0
Home countryUKUkraine


Win by knockout91%


Days off



Where and when will the fight between Alexander Usyk and Anthony Joshua take place?
The bout Alexander Usyk - Anthony Joshua will take place on September 25, London, UK.
Where can you watch the fight?
On the REN TV channel, and the entire boxing evening will be shown by the DAZN service.
Will it be a title bout?
Yes, there are WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and IBO belts on the line.
Who is the favorite?
Bookmaker analysts consider Anthony Joshua to be the favorite.
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