How to Fica your Betway Account

Betway is a platform where online betting occurs on various sports like table tennis, football, cricket, horse racing and many more. A very important step in the Betway registration process is authentication. It is highly recommended for you to FICA Betway account as you sign up. For this, some documents are required to be uploaded for the completion of the FICA Betway process. This will help you in the withdrawal of money from your account after you won a bet. Luckily the uploading of documents has become very easy for the FICA Betway registration process. You can easily upload your documents with the help of a computer or mobile. Here in this article, we will provide some useful information related to the registration of your FICA Betway account.

FICA Your Betway Account

What is FICA and Why Is It Necessary in South Africa?

FICA stands for “The Financial Intelligence Centre Act”. It is a law that prevents money laundering and stops the provision of money to support terrorist activities in South Africa. It was established on Financial Action Task Force. FICA is necessary because it keeps the citizen’s money safe and restricts illegal activities.

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What FICA Documents do Betway Need?

FICA demands two types of documents for the registration of your Betway account. For this, you have to give proof of your identity and address. FICA never demands original documents for authentication of your FICA Betway account. Scanned copies of your documents are enough for the FICA registration process. Therefore, all you have to do is to upload FICA documents and send them to Betway FICA email address; [email protected]

However, before sending documents to FICA, make sure that your scanned documents are clear enough and the text on them is intelligible. In the case of photographs, make sure that they should be taken in the proper light.


Accepted identity documents

  • Green South African ID;
  • South African Passport;
  • ID card;
  • Driving license.


Accepted address documents

  • Utility Bills;
  • Bank statement;
  • Rental agreement;
  • Municipal taxes and rates;
  • Mortgage statement;
  • Internet account;
  • Official tax return;
  • Life insurance policy;
  • Correspondence from a body corporate;
  • Television license documents;
  • Registered residential address documents;
  • Motor vehicle license;
  • Letter from a Municipal authority that confirms that the person is allowed to live on communal land.
Betway Sign-Up
Betway Sign-Up
How To Access Betway Account
How To Access Betway Account
How to Bet on Betway
How to Bet on Betway

How to Upload FICA Documents on Betway?

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To upload Betway FICA documents, you should sign into the Betway account either through the Betway app or through the official site.

  1. Having done that, you will see a message that shows the required list of Betway FICA documents;
  2. After that, tap on the upload now option;
  3. Then upload FICA documents that are required for your registration process;
  4. After uploading the documents, tap on the submit button.

After completion of this process, you will receive a Betway email that confirms the verification of your documents within forty-eight hours. Once this process is completed, your Betway account gets compliant with FICA and you can do legal betting whenever and wherever you want. It will also help you to deposit and withdraw your money legally.

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Betway FICA Guidelines

  • It is important to upload a picture of both sides of the driver's license or smart ID card;
  • The ID and address documents should have similar names;
  • The details of address and name on the address document should be similar to the details provided while doing registration;
  • The date should be mentioned on the address documents;
  • Residential address details should be provided on the address documents;
  • Your photographs and documents should be clear and comprehensible;
  • The photographs should be taken again in good light if they are not clear.

Betway FICA Help

If you are unable to FICA your Betway account even after following the above-mentioned steps then you can contact the Betway customer support center either through email or telephone. You can email Betway anytime at [email protected]. For further guidance, you can also check the Betway online reviews.

FICA Your Betway Account


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