Betway Pay Bill: Get the Betway Pay Bill Number

Betway is an excellent platform for bettors in Kenya. The website has a simple layout, and it is optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Users can navigate easily on the site, where they find all popular sports. They have huge markets, easy registration, good odds, live streaming among other features. Kenyan punters can deposit money easily on Betway. If you are wondering whether you can deposit money through a pay bill, we will show you exactly how you can do that. Read on to find everything you would like to know about the Betway pay bill.

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Betway Pay Bill Number

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Betway Pay bill

If you want to deposit money in your Betway account using pay bill, betway airtel mpesa paybill number is 880185. You need to use the pay bill number when making a deposit through M-PESA.


Betway Pay Bill Pros and Cons

  • Users enjoy instant deposits in their accounts;
  • The pay bill number is the same for M-PESA and Airtel users;
  • The pay bill is a safe payment method;
  • Convenient deposit option for Kenyan users;
  • There are charges when depositing money;
  • Widely used by many people leading to congestion;

Betway Pay Bill on Mobile

Depositing money using Betway pay bill is for mobile phone users. You need devices like a mobile phone or a tablet to do betway deposit through pay bill. You can make deposits easily with M-PESA or Airtel on your mobile device.

Betway Pay Bill on Mobile
Betway Pay Bill

Betway Pay Bill - Fast and Easy Deposit Method

If you are in Kenya, Betway pay bill is one of the fastest means you can use to deposit money in your account. The service allows you to deposit money through M-PESA or Airtel, which are the most popular modes of payment in Kenya. The pay bill system works perfectly on both networks to send money, receive money or pay for different services.

The Betway pay bill number for both Airtel and M-PESA is 880185. You need to put the pay bill number to complete your transaction on either M-PESA or Airtel. Once you sign-up and deposit, you can claim a sign-up bonus of up to Ksh. 5000.


Why Sign-up on Betway Kenya

Signing up on Betway Kenya comes with many benefits. If you have not made up your mind, it is a great idea to open a Betway account if you are in Kenya. The sportsbook has many outstanding features, a user-friendly site and everything is organized to make navigation easy for beginners.

Additionally, there are other betting features you will enjoy like bet builder, free data, live betting, and cash-out feature. All these make your betting experience the best.

If you want to join online betting in Kenya, Betway is a recommended betting site. You can register an account easily in less than two minutes. Before you sign-up with Betway, there are some registration requirements you should meet if you are in Kenya. They include:

  • You must be 18 years and above;
  • You need a device like a smartphone or a desktop to do the registration;
  • A Kenyan phone number;

If you meet these requirements, you can sign-up with the bookmaker and enjoy convenient betting. Below are the steps you can follow to create an account on your mobile phone:

Betway Sign-up on Mobile
Betway Sign-up
Betway Sign-Up
Betway Sign-Up

How Betway Pay Bill Works

Many Kenyans are used to using pay bills to pay for goods and services over the years. Betway pay bill is not different from other pay bills services in Kenya. To use the pay bill option, your need to have money in your Airtel or MPesa mobile money account.

If you are a Kenyan and don’t have either Mpesa or Airtel, you can still open your account by visiting any authorized agent in the country. Below are some steps on how to register on Mpesa or Airtel money.

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How to register on M-PESA

The requirements for registering on Mpesa are a valid ID, Safaricom sim, and a mobile phone. With these documents, you can visit an M-Pesa agent near you or any Safaricom shop to do the registration. This is a quick process that takes less than 5 minutes.

After registration, you will get Mpesa SMS to confirm your registration. The SMS has your M-Pesa pin, which is a 4-digit code. Before using your M-Pesa account, you need to activate it by following these steps:

  • Visit your Safaricom menu;
  • Click M-Pesa;
  • Click Activate or Wezesha;
  • Enter your M-Pesa pin, which you received through SMS;
  • Create a new pin that only you knows;
  • Confirm the new pin;
  • Provide the ID number you had used during registration;

You will get a confirmation message and enjoy using M-Pesa services.


How to register on Airtel Money

Apart from M-Pesa, you can also deposit with Airtel. First, you need to register on Airtel and the requirements are an Airtel SIM and valid ID. Visit your nearest Airtel agent to do the registration. Once you register, activate your Airtel money account by dialing *222# using your mobile phone.

Set your Airtel Money pin, and ensure you keep the pin secret. If another person knows your pin, they can transact on your account without your knowledge.


Betway Mpesa Pay Bill Number

M-Pesa is one of the main ways you can deposit money, pay bills or buy goods and services in Kenya. Many betting sites in Kenya have M-Pesa as the main method of deposit, and Betway Kenya is not left behind. You can deposit money using Betway M-Pesa pay bill number 880185. You need this pay bill number anytime you want to deposit money to Betway M-Pesa pay bill.

How to deposit on betway with betway M-Pesa pay bill

Depositing money through Betway M-Pesa pay bill provides fast and instant deposits. Follow the following procedure to deposit money on the M-Pesa pay bill.

  • On your phone, go to M-PESA;
  • Choose Lipa na M-MPESA option;
  • Choose pay bill option;
  • Enter the business number (880185);
  • Enter account number (Betway);
  • Enter your preferred deposit amount ( minimum is Ksh 10);
  • Enter your M-PESA pin and click send;
  • M-PESA will send a confirmation SMS;
  • Your account is loaded and you start to place bets;
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Betway Airtel Money Pay Bill Number

A large percentage of people in Kenya use M-Pesa, which makes it the most dominant mode of payment. Airtel money is the second most popular in the Kenyan market and many bookmakers including Betway have this payment option.

Both Airtel and M-Pesa have the same Betway pay bill number. They use one pay bill number for the two networks and this saves you from remembering two different pay bill numbers. 880185 is the Betway Airtel pay bill number.


Depositing Money Using Betway Airtel Pay Bill

It is easy to deposit money on Betway Airtel pay bill number by following these simple steps:

  • On your phone, go to Airtel money;
  • Choose Make Payment option;
  • Select Pay Bill;
  • Enter 880185 as the pay bill number;
  • Enter the deposit amount ( minimum is Ksh. 10)
  • Enter your Airtel money pin;
  • Click send;

They send a confirmation message to alert you the money is in your account.

Betway Banking
Betway Banking

Is Betway Pay Bill Legal

Betway pay bill is legally accepted in Kenya. Only registered businesses in Kenya are given the pay bill. If Betway Kenya has a pay bill number, this means that the betting site can do business in Kenya freely. You can tell a sportsbook is legal in Kenya if it has the pay bill option.

Any betting site in Kenya must meet tough terms and conditions before they are given M-Pesa or Airtel pay bill number. Apart from having a valid betting license, a betting site must also get clearance from the Kenya Revenue Authority ( KRA).

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Is Betway Pay Bill Free

Betway does not charge anything when you are making deposits using the betway pay bill number. However, users incur a fee from the mobile network operators. For instance, if you make your deposit through M-Pesa or Airtel account, there is a small processing fee.

Luckily, you can avoid incurring a small fee if you use M-Pesa online. In this case, the pay bill option doesn’t work. To deposit money on M-Pesa online, follow these steps:

  • Visit your betway account;
  • Tap deposit on the home page;
  • Choose M-Pesa online and follow the deposit instructions provided;
  • After making the deposit, you will get a confirmation message SMS;

Problems with Betway Pay Bill Deposits

At times, you can experience problems with the betway pay bill. What could be the possible roots of these issues? I will take you through the possible problems you can face with betway pay bills and the solutions to these problems. Belo are the common problems many bettors face with betway pay bill.


Wrong Pay Bill Number

One of the main reasons you can encounter problems with betway pay bill is putting the wrong pay bill number. you should enter the correct pay bill number so that your payment can be processed. The correct betway pay bill number is 880185.


Network Congestion

Another possible problem could be network congestion. If many people are making payments at the same time, you can experience delays in processing your payment. Both M-Pesa and Airtel services are large networks, and they get overwhelmed when many bettors are depositing at the same time. This is likely to happen before a big match begins.


Bad Mobile Network

The problem can also arise from mobile networks. In such cases, you can have problems depositing on the betway pay bill. Network problems can also be your current location. You can change your location to improve the network signals.


Make a Deposit with Betway Pay Bill

I hope you have all the information you need to know about the betway pay bill. If you are a Kenyan bettor, deposit on betway Kenya and enjoy amazing betting features. You will also get a welcome bonus if you sign up with betway Kenya.

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Also ask
Does Betway have pay bill?
Yes, Betway has a pay bill for Airtel and M-Pesa users in Kenya. The pay bill number is the same for the two networks.
What is Betway pay bill number?
This is the number that Airtel and M-Pesa customers use to deposit money to their betting accounts. The pay bill number for both networks is 880185.
How can I deposit with Betway pay bill?
Depositing on pay bill number is easy if you have a mobile account. The common mobile networks in Kenya are M-Pesa and Airtel. You can register with any of these networks by visiting the nearest agent. After creating your mobile account, load it with money and make Betway pay bill payments.
How long does Betway pay bill deposits take?
Deposit money on your Betway account through pay bill is instant if you provide all the necessary details and confirm the transaction.
Is there a Betway pay bill deposit bonus?
Betway provides a deposit bonus of 50% when you deposit money using any of the approved payment options that have provided.
Are there extra charges with Betway pay bill?
Betway does not charge an extra fee when depositing money in your account but the network providers charge a small transaction fee.
Is Betway pay bill safe?
Betway pay bill is safe because it is used by top mobile networks like M-Pesa and Airtel, who provide safe and secure services. Pay bill uses the latest security technology, therefore no worries about account hacks or your information getting to fraudsters.
What is the minimum deposit on Betway pay bill?
The minimum deposit you can make on the Betway pay bill is Ksh. 10.


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