March 19, 2019

Pole mounted multi-access Edge AI and machine learning solution can be co-located on LTE and 5G cells

February 22, 2019

Network of hubs aims to foster collaboration between telcos and enterprises on AI use cases

December 21, 2018

The operator has meanwhile published a report outlining businesses’ key priorities for 2019

October 12, 2018

The vendor has five areas of focus for its new artificial intelligence strategy

September 16, 2018

Currently, homeowners have multiple insecure connected gadgets without a clear overview of the network, putting their

September 07, 2018

Using IoT cameras from Locix and image recognition based on Docomo's AI technology

August 09, 2018

Aims to become a leading provider of 5G components, as well as SOCs for connected cars

March 06, 2018

A look at the lighter side of the annual event

March 02, 2018

The technology is predicted to deliver $430b in productivity benefits by 2020

February 28, 2018

AI, Edge computing, FinTech and IoT changing cloud computing

February 27, 2018

AI and data are gaining key roles across all industries but privacy is crucial

December 22, 2017

To accelerate the development of AI-powered smart devices